Pecorino canestrato is cheese obtained from the processing of raw milk with rennet and salt. The cheese is then left to mature in a special ventilated natural temperature with low humidity, on wooden tables. The cheese changes its flavor with the increase of the seasoning time. For the particularities of its proteins it is considered a food full of high bio-nutritious and dietetic values.

Verdici offers different types of cheeses, excellent for cooking, desserts and snacks.

A selection of our Cheese range

Pecorino al fieno

  • Sheep’s milk 95%, goat milk 5%, rennet and salt
  • After the traditional seasoning of 30 days, the cheese is wrapped in hay for another 30 days
  • The crust is almost slight and tough, the paste is very compact white color with small holes

Pecorino al peperoncino

  • Sheep’s milk 95%, goat milk 5%, rennet and salt, chilli 0.02%
  • It has got a soft crust, with soft holes and pleasantly salty
  • Perfect for palates that are searching for sophistication and craftsmanship

Caciocavallo stagionato

  • Cow’s milk, rennet and salt
  • Caciocavallo Cheese is one of the oldest pasta filata cheeses of southern Italy
  • Smooth crust, thin, intensive pale yellow paste

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